Useful Links

Useful Links for Student Exploration

Student Search Engines

Google for Kids and Teens
Kids Click
Jeeves Kids
National Geographic
eLibrary (Username and password required)
Ithaki Kids
Internet Public Library
Enchanted Learning
Ench. Learn. Member Login
United Streaming (Username and password required)
Baseball-World Almanac

Language Arts

General Language Arts
Storyline Online!
Rhyme Zone

Writing Tools
Bartlett's Quotations 10th Edition
Bartleby (Great Books Online)
Rhyme Zone
NoodleBib (Tools for making citations)
Webster Dictionary for Kids
QuizHub (spelling lessons)

Children's Book Authors andIllustrators

Yahoo's Children's Book Authors Index
Children's Authors Web Index
Ask Jeeves Kids (Type in the author's name)
BookPop (Steven Cosgrove) Authors
Into the Wardrobe (a C.S. Lewis Website)


Children's Encyclopedia of Women
I'm a Hero
Explorers (Enchanted Learning)



Strunk-Elements of Style

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader Website

Book Review Sites

The Spaghetti Book Club (Read book reviews by students, listen to story tellers, and more.)
Game Goo "Learning that Sticks" Reading readiness activities for primary students (requires Flash)
Kids Reads
BookAdventure (Very similar to Accelerated Reader)

Fun Language Arts Sites

Scholastic I SPY
Weekly Reader-Kids
Primary -Language Arts
Kids Domain Reading Games
Clifford's Website
Between the Lions-PBS Kids


NoodleBib (Tool for making citations. Click on NoodleBib Express)


Scholastic Poetry Brainstorming R
Shadow Poetry
Types of Poetry
Types of Poetry: Surfing the Net with Kids
Acrostic Poems


All About Me Poem

Reading Plus Login

Douglas County Libraries

RAZkids Login


General Sites

Discovery School
Building Big
Cool Science for Kids
How Stuff Works
Sandlot Science
E dHeads
I Know That-Science Lab Games
Bill Nye


Amazing Picture Machine
Biomes of the World
Biomes - Enchanted Learning
The World's Biomes (Berkeley)
Biome Resource Page
World Wide Biome Project
Blue Planet Biomes
A Walk in the Forest

Simple Machines and Inventions

EdHeads (simple machines simulation & the Odd Machine)
Exploring Simple Machines Webquest

Solar System and Astronomy

Astronomy in Enchanted Learning
Cosmic Quest
Nasa Kids
What is your weight on other planets?
What is your age on other planets?
Windows to the Universe

Weather and Environment

Weather Room
Environment Explorers
EdHeads (weather simulation)
Windows to the Universe

Volcano Research

Current Volcano Activity
Questions About the Effects of Volcanoes
I Know That
US Geological Survey (Go to "Natural Hazards, and Select a Hazard" to choose volcanoes)
Global Volcanism Program
Volcano World Kids Door
Volcano World Main Page

Travel Guides

Lonely Planet

Science Experiments

Science Experiments for All Around Your Home


School Science Clips-Using Electricity (BBC)
Who can resist etc (Conductors and Insulators)
ReviseWise Science (BBC)
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Natural Disasters

National Geographic
Library Thinkquest
Natural Disaster Reference Database - NASA
Wikipedia - the Disaster Area

Animal and Biology

Online Animal Games-Sheppard Software
Animals-Enchanted Learning
Animal Search
San Diego Zoo (animal bytes)
San Diego Zoo (Kid Territory)
In Search of the Ways of Knowing
Something Froggy
Organism Menu
Owl Pellet Dissection
Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection
Kids Go Wild

Chemistry and Matter


Geology and Earth Science

Volcano World
Rock Hound
MTU Volcanoes Page
Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals Slide Show
Sedimentary Rocks
Igneous Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks

Health and Anatomy

Health Quizzes, Facts & Links
Nova's Cut to the Heart
Virtual Body (MEDtropolis)
The Circle of Blood (Franklin Institute)
Life Science Connections - Bio Simulator
Hillendale Health
BBC's Human Body (requires Flash)
EdHeads (knee & hip surgery)
My Body Scavenger Hunt
How the Body Works

Social Studies


Peace Corp Kids World
Time for Kids Go Places

Current Events

Time For Kids
Yahooligan! News
Yak's Corner

Native Americans

Glossary of Indian Nations

The Iroquois Nations of the NE
Iroquois Oral Traditions
Mohawk Iroquis Village


The Ancient Aztecs
The Mexica/Aztecs
Aztec Culture


Facts for Kids: Algonquin Indians
Resources on the Algonquin
Glossary of Indian Nations


100 Inca Links
The Inca Civilization
Inca Civilization


Pueblo Indians
Anasazi and Pueblo Indians
Pueblo Arts


Geography Quiz (USA)
Perry Castañeda Map Collection
Geography Quiz (World)
National Geographic
World Geography Quizzes

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government

Ask Jeeves Biography Search

Colorado History

Colorado Virtual Library
Stately Knowledge
Ask Colorado
Colorado History in Photos
Colorado State Symbols
Bent's Fort Virtual Tour

Secretary of State Kid's Page

American History

American Memory
Dates in History

American Revolution

Liberty! The American Revolution---PBS
The American Revolution CyberSleuth
Revolutionary War Web Sites for Kids
World Almanac for Kids


The 13 Colonies of America: Clickable Map
Colonial Life
All About the Colonial Period
Reference Resources: Middle Colonies
Congress for Kids
From Colonies to Revolution
IMC Colonies Theme
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg - Kids Section


Explorers of North America
Explorers ThinkQuest
Exploring the Explorers
Enchanted Learning Explorers
Explorers The Explorers
QuizHub (US History Quiz)


States Web Games
Test Your Geography Knowledge-USA
Animated Atlas
ClassBrain's State Reports (Grades 4-12)
Stately Knowledge (All grades) (Grades 5-12)
U.S. Facts and Statistics (All grades)
Explore the States (Grades 4-12)
State Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau (All grades)
See the U.S.A. WebQuest
Printable State Maps
QuizHub (US Map Game & States & Capitals)
Postcards From America (A husband and wife team tour the United States. They send a daily postcard to classes or individuals.)
Geography Quiz (USA) (This site, by Lizardpoint, also includes quizzes for other parts of the world.)
State Master allows students, teachers and researchers the ability to compare US States in some 3,000 different ways.

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